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Alex at Goodwing Solutions was a great advisor when creating our Digital Adoption Plan. He was very efficient and helped us identify areas of need that we had not already identified! We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking at going through the CDAP Process

– Allison J.

Over the past 4 years, Darcy has proved to be an indispensable asset for my coaching practice. Darcy’s exceptional organizational skills, proactive approach, and tech savviness has allowed her to anticipate my needs and provide efficient solutions.

Valerie C.

Darcy was an invaluable part of my success. Her communication skills, attention to detail, and her excellent rapport with my clients allowed me to entrust her with responsibilities that I always imagined that I had to do myself. With her positive energy and support, I was able to overcome significant obstacles and grow my business into new directions. I highly recommend working with Darcy!

Jordan B.

Alex’s exceptional understanding of culture, combined with his talent for team building made him an invaluable asset to our organization. His unwavering dedication to improving systems and processes consistently elevated our business, resulting in increased efficiency and smoother operations.

Bart W.

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